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MH Board Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

MH Board Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is an eminent academic board that motivates the students in learning and also educates them by giving quality learning resources. However, the course structures of this distinguished board are well-prepared, valuable and worthy to follow.

However, the class 10 Edurite DVD for Mathematics is well-acknowledged as it is designed based on the updated Maharashtra State Board curriculum. Additionally, its suitable examples, comprehensive explanations and valuable sample tests make learning easy, effective as well as engaging for the students.


Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was started to shape the studentsŠ—È academic aspect by offering a well-acknowledged education throughout the state. To attain its vision, this esteemed board had developed the worthy to follow syllabi for the overall advancement of the students.

However, science is an intriguing basic subject that keeps students updated with all new concepts and progresses. In brief, science is the core of all new discoveries and growth. However, class 10 Edurite DVD designed for science includes a great combination of some important topics that make the learning valuable and helpful. By following the updated syllabus of the Maharashtra State Board, this DVD is formed and hence, it is quite instrumental to learn and keep the imperative concepts in the memory.

Chapter list

ξ ξPhysics ξ ξChemistry
1 ξThe Electric Spark 1 ξSchool of Elements
2 ξAll about Electromagnetism 2 ξThe Magic of Chemical Reaction
3 ξWonders of Light - Part 1 3 ξThe Acid Base Chemistry
4 ξWonders of Light - Part 2 4 ξUnderstanding Metals and Non-metals
ξ ξ 5 ξAmazing World of Carbon Compounds
ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBiology
1 Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression 1 ξLife's Internal Secrets
2 ξQuadratic Equations 2 ξThe Regulators of Life
3 ξLinear Equations in Two Variables 3 ξThe Life Cycle
4 ξProbability 4 ξMapping our Genes
5 ξStatistics - I ξ ξ
6 ξStatistics - II ξ ξ
7 ξSimilarity ξ ξ
8 ξCircle ξ ξ
9 ξGeometric Constructions ξ ξ
10 ξTrigonometry ξ ξ
11 ξCo-ordinate Geometry ξ ξ
12 ξMensuration ξ ξ


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