Edurite MH Board Class 8 Maths and Science Combo DVD

Edurite MH Board Class 8 Maths and Science Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was started with a noble objective of providing a standard education throughout the state. This eminent board prepares suitable course structures to make students abreast with all updated information. Additionally, it inculcates a state of the art learning environment that boosts the students inclination towards learning and exploring new things.
However, Edurites MH Board class 8 Maths DVD incorporates all important topics along with a vast range of examples so as to make students learning method valuable and effective. This DVD is designed in tune with the Maharashtra Board syllabus, so that students can easily revise the learnt chapter before their exams. Besides, its simple examples and useful exercises help students to root each concept in the memory for a longer period of time.


Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was established with a great vision of catering to a valuable learning platform to the students in the State. The board does a detailed research and based on that it prepares each course structure to maintain an improved outlook of the academic aspect
However, Science is an important subject which is well-acknowledged from the research sector to banking and others. Therefore, students must learn this subject from its root and for that, each Edurites DVD is a great learning tool. Here, Edurites MH Board class 8 Science DVD makes learning easier as well as effective and also instills suitable information about each topic. Students who are pursuing under the MH board must follow this DVD while revising the syllabus before exams.

Chapter list

Mathematics Science
1 Squares and Square Roots 1 Acids, Bases and Salts
2 Irrational and Real Numbers 2 Force and Pressure
3 Parallel Lines 3 Magnetism
4 Quadrilaterals 4 Electric Current
5 The Circle 5 Man-made Materials - 2
6 Area 6 Structure of an Atom
7 Variation and Proportion 7 Stars and Our Solar System
8 Identities 8 Soil
9 Cubes and Cube Roots 9 Air
10 Construction of Quadrilaterals 10 Atmospheric Pressure
11 The Arc of a Circle 11 Carbon and Carbon Compounds
12 Polynomials 12 Animal Husbandry
13 Discount and Commission 13 Agriculture
14 Volume and Surface Area 14 Biological Diversity
15 Division of Polynomials 15 Reflection of Light
16 Properties of Substances
17 Sources of Energy
18 The Structure of a Cell and Micro-organisms
19 Chemical Reactions and their Types
20 Diseases