Edurite Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

Edurite Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

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Samacheer Kalvi was started with a great vision of providing equal education to all students. However, this is also known as Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School education. Besides, this academic system is also referred as the Equitable Education where a uniformity is maintained in education. The equal learning method is prescribed in different schools in the state. Moreover, this harmony in academic sector is well-acknowledged and the right steps are adopted at the crucial time to make education affordable as well as compulsory.

Science is an important academic discipline and to get desired scores in this subject, students need additional learning help. Keeping in mind the students learning requirements, Edurite designs a combo DVD that comprises all important science topics from their roots. Here, each one is explained with a good number of examples. Additionally, with this DVD, class 10 students can build a thorough understanding on all core topics. Interactive activities are additional advantages of this learning aid.

Edurite DVDs have been designed in tune with the updated syllabi to make the learning process improved and intriguing.

Some prominent features of this DVD are:
1. Maximum coverage of the chapters
2. Simple explanations, along with the coherent examples related to the concepts
3. Animated and interactive activities, a great way to learn the concepts
4. Added self-evaluation tool to assess the students understanding
5. Valuable exam tips

List of chapters

Physics Chemistry
1 Modern Physics 1 Chemistry and Environment
2 Universe 2 Carbon and its Compounds
3 Properties of Matter 3 Chemical Reactions
4 X-Rays and Radioactivity 4 Solutions
5 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current and Light 5 Periodic Classification of Elements
6 Measuring Instruments 6 Atoms and Molecules
7 Laws of Motion and Gravitation
8 Electricity and Energy
Mathematics Biology
1 Algebra 1 Reproduction in Plants
2 Graphs 2 Conservation of Environment
3 Matrices 3 Heredity and Evolution
4 Mensuration 4 Waste Water Management
5 Statistics 5 Life Processes
6 Trigonometry 6 Immune System
7 Consumer Arithmetic 7 A Representative Study of Mammals
8 Practical Geometry 8 Structure and Functions of Human Body-Organ Systems
9 Coordinate Geometry
10 Sets And Functions
11 Geometry
12 Probability
13 Sequence and Series of Real Numbers

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