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Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 6 Combo DVD

Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 6 Combo DVD

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Give your child an indelible, informative and intriguing learning experience with the help of Edurite’s Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 6 Combo DVD which is mapped to the updated Samacheer Kalvi curriculum. Here, with this learning tool, students can experience a good number of interactive animations as well as activities, along with the instructional videos and quizzes. In brief, this DVD helps your child comprehend the concepts of science and math easily and accomplish the assignments on time. However, this DVD provides maximum coverage of Math and Science topics added in the Samacheer Kalvi course structure. 

Edurite DVDs have been meticulously formed by following the guidance of the subject experts to make the study time intriguing and worthwhile.

Some notable merits of this DVD are:
1. Maximum coverage of the topics
2. Simple and intelligible explanation of each concept with relevant examples
3. Audio visual aid, an additional advantage
4. Interactive activities that emphasize the understanding of the concepts
5. Provides a clear perception due to its animated explanations
6. Self-assessment option

Chapter List 

Mathematics Science
1 Natural Numbers & Whole Numbers 1  The world of plants
2  Divisors and Factors 2  Food Habits
3  Fractions & Decimal Numbers 3  Changes Around Us
4  Metric Measures 4  Measurement and Motion
5  Point, Line, Line Segment & Plane 5  Magnetism
6  Practical Geometry 6  Cell Structure
7  Ratio, Proportion & Direct Variation 7  Separation of Substances
8  Constants, Variables, Expressions and Equations 8  Types of Energy
9  Angles & Triangles 9  Structure of Living Organisms
10  Integers 10  Our Environment
11  Perimeter & Area 11  Chemistry in Daily Life
12  Data Handling 12  Light